Henrri CERT Team  is the operational cell responsible for managing IT security incidents that might affect the activities of Henrri SaaS solution.


Critical Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities exploited by an unauthenticated attacker. 

Exploitation could be used to distribute  an Internet worm, virus, malware or execute code.

Important Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities not rated critical but go to compromise of confidentiality or integrity of user data.

This rating also applies to vulnerabilities which could lead to the complete compromise of availability when exploitation is by a remote unauthenticated attacker from the Internet or through a breach of virtual machine isolation.

Moderate Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities where the ability to exploit is mitigated to a significant degree by configuration or difficulty of exploitation, but could lead to the compromise of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of user data and/or processing resources.

Low Vulnerabilities

All other issues that have a security impact. Vulnerabilities where exploitation is believed to be extremely difficult, or where successful exploitation would have minimal impact.

BugBounty Program

Henrri organizes both public and private BugBounty programs.

Before accessing the private BugBounty program (paid) you have to fill the following form. Depending on your submit, we will open a specific private BugBounty program dedicated to you.

  • I’m experiencing a security problem with my Henrri account.
  • I have a privacy doubt or a privacy-related question about Henrri.net service
  • I found a security bug in Henrri
  • I want to report a technical security or an abuse risk related bug in a Henrri product ( XSS, etc.).
  • Other

    Or contact us directly  : 

    To report any security incidents or vulnerabilities that might concern Henrri activities, you can contact us by email:  security@henrri.net or by postmail at the following address:


    10 Grand rue,
    68280, Logelheim

    If you wish to report any abuse concerning henrri.com or henrri.net domain (phishing, spam, scam…), please contact us by email : abuse@henrri.com.

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